End Hunger

Our Vision for Vancouver
Bumpin Bakery is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 with a vision to end hunger in Vancouver. It’s not the hunger all may think, we thrive to end the hunger of connection. We attempt to put a smile on peoples faces by handing out coffee, muffins, lending an ear and a warm heart to the ones that need it the most. Join Us.

About Us

Bumpin Bakery was started in 2013 in an apartment on the Downtown East Side of Vancouver. Started as a volunteer initiative by Dugie Turner, when he was joined by Regan Oey, Javier Sanchez Mejorada, and Chris Ellis to incorporate it as a Non-Profit in 2014. It starts up every Sunday morning at 9 am so that everyone can be on the Downtown East Side by 10 am. 
The vision of the non-profit was to spread joy to people through kindness. In 2015, Bumpin Bakery moved to Vancouver College when they offered to sponsor the organization by allowing us the opportunity to run the organization on-site. Every day the organization grows in through the help of all our volunteers and sponsors. Check our social media for updates below!

Meet Our Team

Dugie Turner,
Co-Founder / Board Member
Dugie currently attends Acadia University on the East Coast of Canada,
and is one of the co-founders of the Bumpin Bakery Foundation.
As of now Dugie does as much as he can well away from university,
but dives right back into it when he gets back to Vancouver. He loves
to get down to the Downtown East Side on Sundays when he is back
because of the joy it brings to people when there is the opportunity 
to talk to people.
Regan Oey,
Co-Founder / Board Member
Regan currently attends the University of British Columbia, and
is one of the co-founders of Bumpin Bakery. He completes administrative tasks
such as donor relations, maintaining an online presence, and selecting student
representatives of the organization. As he resides in Vancouver, Regan still
attends Sunday handouts when possible and has witnessed the organization grow
from humble beginnings into the operation it is today. His favourite part of
Bumpin continues to be listening to, and connecting with the residents of
Vancouver’s Downtown east side at our Sunday handouts.
Euphemia Redden,
Teacher Sponsor
Euphemia has been the art teacher at Vancouver College for five
years, and is the teacher sponsor of Bumpin Bakery. Euphemia came to one of our
first Sunday handouts with her two sons Micah and Oscar, and now they are all
friendly faces that the residents look forward to seeing every Sunday. The
day-to-day operations of the organization including but not limited to baking,
and receiving donations, are overseen by Euphemia. She has been an integral
part of the continued success of the organization, and provides an excellent
example of leadership to our youth volunteers.
Sid Kondapuram,
Technology Advisor
Sid is currently a student at Acadia University. He is passionate about technology
and is delighted working alongside Bumpin Bakery to utilize it in compassionate
ways. When he's not busy working you can find Sid reading the latest edition of
Architectural Digest to make his room look better or enjoying a hot cup of
Earl Grey (no milk of course).

Student Representatives

Each year Bumpin Bakery selects 3 to 5 grade 12 student
representatives from Vancouver College. The representatives are selected based
on commitment and interest in the organization in their years prior to grade
12, and are chosen by a committee that includes past student representatives,
the teacher sponsor, and 2 board members. The student representatives are
responsible for making the baked goods, acting as a liaison between students
and staff, as well as representing the organization within the Vancouver
College community. The representatives are expected to demonstrate the core
values of the organization, and be leaders to our many youth volunteers.

Student Representatives for 2018:
Federico Pini
Nico Quinn
Owen Ker
Alexander Nyult
Ben Vinnick
Ryan Hsiao
Tyler Berretta
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Our Sponsors

Vancouver College has been very generous with their sponsoring of the Bumpin Bakery Foundation by offering a location in which it can be run out of!
Van Houtte has been generous in their donations by providing a new coffee maker and coffee for us to serve on the Downtown East Side.
The Bumpin Bakery Foundation would like to thank the Rennie Group for their generous donations towards our cause! Thanks, Rennie!
The Bumpin Bakery Foundation would like to thank Kite Vancouver for their endless support with recruiting new volunteers every week!

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